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I just found this forum and post about an upcoming trip to Aruba in the bonefisha forum, I'm a recent transplant from the finger lakes to Conway NH and have fished that area and LO for many years. The LLS in New York are sebago strain and at this moment are a put and take fishery, due to EMS from the alewives. LO attempts to create a real population have failed and the salmon river hatchery has discontinued the atlanic program. Very sad. This is not to sat there aren't atlantics in LO and the LLS fishing in the fingerlakes is nothing short of outstanding, PM me for details.

I'll be going to SR next weekend for my bach party to mess around with the pacifics, they are just starting to show and its fun to fish upthere before the masses attack. I fish a 12' rod with an array of sinktips for those guys and they will slap a swinging fly.

I did fish for brookstock a couple of weeks ago below the dam in manchester and the water looked great, 67 degree water was not too great and smallies took my flies on the swing real well.....I haven't gotten to do much else as far as salar, execpt to the Andro, and had a ball with little fish on caddis.

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