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That is exactly what my much more wordy tome was getting at. We Americans as a whole do not heed the distruction nature can wrought. Like you, I cannot fault what government did or has done in the first few days after this unprecedented disaster in our country.

We have become so dependent on someone else (usually our citizens look to the government) doing things for us that we don't heed nature and the potential losses if we ignore nature and go on our merry way because of what the government has done, whether it is to put up dikes or says our buildings are earthquake proof. Thus, the Russian Roulette has even higher stakes and results in huge losses of life.

Please understand, that I have been moved to tears when I see the reports. I heard one today that said FEMA is in need of approximately 20,000 body bags! That is a huge loss of life. And this doesn't even speak of the problem of how to house the million people who cannot move back to their homes in the city and the surrounding area for many months if not years. My heart breaks for them.
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