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I agree with you 100%. I don't think any of us understand what is like to be so poverty stricken, very sick and alone or so committed to those who need your help. What were there 300,000 left behind in NO? Some were stupid yes, idiots even. But what I see on TV is the lifeless bodies of the elderly, the sick and those who are invalids. What I see is survivors with little or no skills in a thing called life.
This should be a great lesson to all of us who call this country our home. The lesson should be that our culture is a proud one but is truely fragile one also. We have built a culture here in America that is so unreal, so based on materialisim that it has blinded us as a nation, as families and indivivduals. I'm not talking about goverment, I'm talking about its people as a whole. Be you rich or poor the majority of Americans have become so dependent on the machine over the last 40 years or so that when a disaster happens we honestly do not no how to respond, how to survive. I often wonder what will happen if this country hits the economic skids equal to the great depression. Will we have the skills, the stomach, the moral conviction to stick together or will see New Orleans nation wide? I will not critisize any goverment be it local, state or federal at this time, there will be plenty of time later. I am thankful for all the help pooring in from all over the world and that many of us are sending money for aid. But why has this happened in the first place? Mother nature does pretty much what it wants and we have forgotten entirely how to live with her. We play Russian Roulett on a daily basis, all of us.
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