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I am trying to help with ?'s asked about snap T.!! Not preaching that is the only cast to use,Not that dogmatic!! I try to use all casts.As I have said before everyone is dialed in differently and some can do some casts and others can't.All situations are different also.You cant just say 'river left.upstream wind means single spey or what ever.there can be slight differences that favor certain casts.I usually start with obvious but try other options if my first choice seems to have some less thn desired aspects.At rare times and unusual wind currents the "wrong cast" has worked best!I also just like to change and experiment to give my muscles and my brain a single from river left is also a weak cast for me.I tend to do the single on river right ,upstram wind , especially when using a floating line.I use the single much more with a floating line for some reason.I find it interesting that the dogmatic ones argue against the snap T because there is an extra move required. Yet, they use the double spey in a downriver wind .you would think that that same resoning would drive them towards the snake.Must be tradition rather than efficiency!Any way thats my dribble ,for what ever it is worth!!Beau
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