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Certainly the whole world grieves and must do what we can to help a people who do so much for the world.

On Sunday there will be prayers. Additionally, my church will be collecting what monies we can for donation to the US Red Cross.

However, as one looking in, the response is what frightens me. I don't see the know how or is it the bureaucracy of Homeland Security. Sometimes pride gets in the way. Maybe, this is a good time for the UN's help.

Many have done a lot more, and a lot more quickly with a lot less. I pray in the hours to come the people who need help will get it.

Finally, regarding the order to leave the city. I trust my leaders have learnt from from this disaster. The most vulnerable must be assisted in leaving the areas of danger and provided for. Busing (etc) is a must before a hurricane strikes. Certainly, policitians would have had buses lined up if it was a polling day, for they understand that many don't have the resources. The twenty percent that stayed were the ones who could not leave without help. (i.e. infants, the ill ones, the elderly and the poor).

There is a lot of blame to go around. There was talk for years that the system would not hold in a major event as was unfolded.

God bless America!
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