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Having watched the coverage with great sympathy, I have to say I was truly saddened and would give my time off in a minute to help if I thought I could make a difference. If I were a charter boat captain or a boat maker in the area I would donate time / craft to the folks, shuttle people to safety, and distribute food. Water is a real issue, perhaps a distillery or bottler of spring water could pay back the ridiculous profits they make on small bottles of water back to the people. Car makers are donating 25 or 50 trucks to the Red Cross, and medical firms are donating first aid and hygiene kits. Perhaps every raft maker in the US could ship inexpensive and highly portable rafts to the area for families trying to move what little memories they have from the muddy flooded streets. General foods - send granola bars, peanut butter, power bars and other easily consumed nutrition. If every company in America did one little thing the victims would fare significantly better. It's encouraging to see the support directed toward the area.

I am a little surprised that our government leaders have not seemed to take a prominent role in this affair as of yet. I could be mistaken but usually politicians involvement in anything comes with the utmost fanfare and propaganda and I haven't heard any chest beating about aid or mobilization of troops toward the cause. If anyone can elighten me I would be all ears.
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