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on Juro's part of the cast described under b] ,I sort of cast the line below me by puting a good bend in my rod tip and using that to propell a few feet of semi slack line as I follow through down and and around toward shore a little more than where i am standing. that way ,the line on the water ends with a half of a C shape on the downstrem half.That ,to me, is the perfect shape to retrace on the sweep back upstream. It eliminates any extra noise or is a smooth oerfect retracement.also ,I make sure my tip on that move ends in the water. So,before I start the sweep back up , all the line and the tip are on the water.If I do that every time ,the fly is anchored in the same spot above my body every time, eliminating any variation of the anchor and giving me a smooth, even ,continous build of load from the moment I start the upriver sweep prior to final delivery.By the way ,my first lift move is done with a combination of a down hand push and up hand pull and as soon as it is lifted ,the down stroke is done with a downhand pull and upper hand push combo.I dont really use any arm movement.A lot of people use big arm movements and move the whole hands and arms basically stay pretty much stable in those first two moves and I use an easy push-pull and pull-push making the top half of the rod to do all the work!Beau
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