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Should we rebuild New Oreans?

What is happening right now in the aftermath of Katrina I think must be beyond all of our wildest nightmares. May God give all those suffering folks some sence of dignity. And may we as a nation put all our resourses we have left into helping.

But I have concerns about the rebuilding of New Orleans. Yes it needs to be rebuilt but my concern is that if we pour Billions and billions into this area will it go again soon. It seems the hurricane seasons are becoming more and more severe.
I have been hearing reports today on the radio that New Orleans could have been spared from such devistating damages if the land south of the city all the way to the Gulf which is a lot of miles had been left in its natural state. Mangroves and native vegitation were cleared 80 some odd years ago. The entire Delta is one big ditch now. Most of the ditches were made to drain flood water from the north but worked in reverse dirrection with the storm surge.

My question is do any of you have any ideas what should be done to protect the rebuilding of New Orleans? Must we get the surrounding environment back in a stablized natural state. Should we call in the Army Corps to build bigger levies? Maybe a combination of both. Better yet maybe move the city 50 mile north which might just happen naturally if people and business does not ever move back.
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