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The East Litza, Kharlovka and Rynda do have large fish. The fish probably average 15-16 lbs. Although I've never caught one over 27 lbs there, fish over 30 lbs are caught with some regularity and fish over 40 (50?) are certainly there. During my first year there, the largest fish of my week was 44 lbs, caught on a size 10 fly waked on the surface. As I remember, I think there were probably 4 or 5 fish over 30.

If I had to choose one river for large fish, I'd probably choose the Litza. The early runs start in June, with the late June and first part of July probably being prime time. In the fall, they get a second run of fish called Osenkas, Atlantic salmon that can also be very large. The Osenkas are amazing fish they enter the rivers beginning in late August and spawn in the fall . . . but NOT the same year! They spend an entire year in the rivers, even under the ice, and spawn in the fall of the following year.
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