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I was aware of the Pine Creek reclamation, but was unaware of what was happening on Kettle Creek. Kettle Creek is a one of the prettiest creeks I've ever seen and as you know, the fishing on it used to be limited to the rather small upper creek above the acid mine water problems. Good to hear it now has fish in it further downstream and that they are brook trout.

I was told by my brother and father that the Little Schuylkill River has brook trout in its upper few miles that have moved into it from Schuylkill County's Pine, Locust, and Tamened Creeks.

Big Dave,

The middle and lower Lehigh River has some very good, but little known, limestone spring creeks emptying into it. Since it has been reclaimed, I would expect that some of the larger brook trout in those streams will move into the Lehigh. And one of the very nice things about the Lehigh is that access is very easy if a person is willing to walk a little via the old Lehigh Valley Railroad bed on the river's west bank, which is part of the rail-to-trails program and thus public land. The public access points to the trail and boat launching areas are spaced 5-7 miles apart, so if a person walks just around the bend, he pretty much would have the water to himself.

And the Lehigh above Mauch Chunk (I know the maps now call it Jim Thorpe, but it was Mauch Chunk when I was growing up. The town council changed its name because someone offered them money to do so since the Native American athlete Jim Thorpe played semi-pro ball for the long defunct Mauch Chunk team. To me, it will always be Mauch Chunk, which means big, black, rock-i.e. antracite coal.) all the way to the town of White Haven is part of the Lehigh Gorge State Park.
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