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Okay now I understand. For some odd reason I had a modern factory image stuck in my head, which obviously would have been impossible given the time period that we are looking at. (Like I said before I'm not a collector, and not even a vintage enthusiast)

I think the main question that will solve this mystery and will probably date he rod is that darn “Blake” mark. It’s the key, or at least I think it is. If it proved to be a brad, then the dating should fall into place. If it’s the builder’s mark, which seems unlikely in production rod, unless of course the factory in Toronto also took custom orders. (in that case I’m probably out of luck as finding a record of the rod’s sale would be impossible.

Two other guys I have brought into this case, seem to agree that the rod is an older one, but they’re basing their opinions on the type of wrapping, which may prove unreliable.

Anyway the search continues.

Thanks for the input.

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