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Factory made means that different people worked on different parts of the rod, instead of one builder splitting the cane, straightening the nodes in the cane strips , planing the cane strips to the proper size and taper for the rod, gluing the can strips together, fitting and gluing the ferrules to the blank sections, gluing the cork for the handle and reel seat on the finished blank, sanding the cork to the proper size and style for grip and reel seat, preparing the rod guides for wrapping, wrapping the guides, putting the intermediate wraps on the rod (these are the short thread wraps between the guides), putting the top on the rod, and putting varnish on the finished rod. By having people specializing in doing one or two of these necessary steps, the rod manufacturer can produce more rods in the same time and thus lower the price.

The brands I listed are those that had a single builder (or possibly a master builder and an apprentice) make the rod from start to finish.

Bamboo rods or blanks typically have the manufacturer and other rod designations written on the unfinished blank in India ink and then the varnish is applied over the writing.
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