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Trying to track the history of a vintage rod

I have recently been willed what appears to be a vintage fly rod and was wondering if you might be able to help me identify it, and get some background on it. I’d also like to know if I should insure it etc.

It’s a four piece bamboo rod (three pieces make up the rod and there is a second tip that I am assuming is a different weight) with the markings of AL&W Toronto. The rod is hand marked with the following; AL&W and “Blake.”

It is in very good condition. The blank shows very little wear.

Here are some pictures for those of you who are interested.

I have ascertained that the manufacturer was the ALLCOCK, LAIGHT & WESTWOOD Company out of Toronto, Ontario Canada. The main things I would like to find out are:

Is this rod a collector’s item and if so what would its value be. I stress that I will not sell this rod as it was bequeathed to me by a very close friend who recently died. This information would be for insurance purposes

What is the significance of the “Blake” marking?

When was the rod made? I know that AL&W was making rods from 1850 through to n1930 but I’d like to narrow this range down if possible.

Can the rod be used for fishing or is it destined to be a wall hanging?

Any help is appreciated
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