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Bonito around now, albies about 1-2 weeks later but each year is different and it depends on where you look.

Bonito were in the rips (Bearses, etc) two weeks ago, around Monomoy to the east but not in great numbers. West end of the Canal is due for some strong presence, Rhody is already there.

The 'green gators will be on the Cape thru August then the Albies show right after. If I could pick a week I would pick first week in Sept minimum for south cape and October for Rhody as they are all on the way back thru by then down there.

Funny incident: when I was a teen I hooked a bonito in a crowd. I hollered at the group to get out of the way I had a huge fish, but they all laughed and said I got all excited about a mackeral. I said no that little thing is not what's kicking my butt - but indeed it was, and for years I still thought it was a fat mackeral. Back then I didn't know one angler who knew what a bonito or albie was, even today most anglers can't tell the difference in a pinch. They've been around since day one but only recently discovered as a gamefish in our region.

In Florida the sailfishermen call them 'bait'.
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