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Hey, Deerhawk,

Thanks for posting this.

I think the current administration is setting environmental policy based on a very archaic notion of natural resource sustainability, a notion straight out of the 19th Century and founded on the belief that the world's resources are here for the benefit of those most able to exploit them. It's really distressing that Dick Cheney, a very good fly fisherman, is an apparently willing accomplice to much of this short sighted and destructive policy making.

I really think these policies are consistent with the administration's world view, which to me is anathema. Local politics and local action is about all we have. We need to support habitat enhancement and protection, natural reproduction, riparian zones, reduced pollution, etc. in every way we can. We need to support the volunteer groups and organizations that are fighting the good fight in every way we can.

We need to weather out this national onslaught against our resources and maybe elect some more enlightened and sensitive legislators beginning in 2006. We need to get enviromental issues, such as the Critcal Habitat bs, back on the public's radar screen.

Hang in there. Your post is a motivator.
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