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Critical Habitat Designations

Good evening,
The Bush Administration, on Aug. 12, announced new critical habitat designations for 20 species of North West Salmon and Steelhead. This tactic will mean a reduction in areas formely designated "Critical". Most of the fish in this group are listed as Threatend or Endangered under the ESA (Endangered Species Act) This threatens to effect already "reduced" spawning and rearing habitat.

I dont get it.

The whole reason for "Critical Habitat Designations" is to define areas "Essential" for Salmon and Steelhead recovery. Removal of these habitat areas will UNDERMINE efforts over the years to HELP these species recover!
Mr. President, Mr. Secretary of the Interior, why would 2 grown adults like yourselves want to put something in play that will have a Negative effect on these species? I mean it dosen't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is the WRONG direction!

Some of the information contained here is from Earthjustice.

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