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RE:E-Z Shape Sparkle Body sand eels

Actually Chris has a E-Z Body sand eel pattern on his site, which since I just pinged it to get the URL looks like it's been recently updated. Chris has a story of using it for the Vineyard one-fly catch & release tourny a few years ago.

As far as using the material itself, it's something that you definitly develope a 'touch' for as you use it. For a uniform body like a sand eel I usually just apply it in strips along the body. The key is to use uniform pressure on the bottle to get a steady flow. I also find that in spite of Chris' insistance that you do not need a rotary epoxy-type dryer, they really help distribute the material evenly.

The product sets up slowly, RESIST the temptation to keep going back to 'touch-up' what you've done. If it dosen't look right, wipe it off and do it again.

Chris also has some great tips for using the solid colors of E-Z to make eyes. He should be at the Wilmington show and will be more than willing to show you all his tricks.

If you have a particular technique question feel free to post or e.mail me on the side and I'll help with what I know.
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