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RE:E-Z Shape Sparkle Body sand eels

Hi Doug -

I've seen many good uses for this stuff, although I tend to use clear coatings over sparkle materials instead of using this, it's much easier to build up bulk with EZ-shape sparkle body. Well, kinda - I found the name to be a bit of a misnomer, it's not easy to shape. You need to glop it in place and leave it alone, letting it settle into the smooth shape you want, much different behavior than epoxy or other coatings.

Here some usages where I say thumbs up:

1) clouser heads - pearl, olive pearl; which you can see in Bob's technique below...

[img]" border="0">

2) crab body usage by Chris Mountain...

<img src="[/img]

I've been far better off using other materials and techniques for sand eels although I've seen some gorgeous ones "tied" with this material.

We are all entitled to an opinion, mine is that after I ran out and bought every color I use it very infrequently over the course of a season. Probably just me, your results may vary,

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