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RE:Don't let this happen to you

Yeeeouch! Very compelling advice, Al. Hope you recover quickly and without circumstance.

I would add some notes from my experiences falling on rocks -

(a) Don't go on the rocks at all if you can avoid it. Fishing to the rocks can be just as productive as fishing from them.

(b) If you do, choose safe flat dry rocks at high tide to be closest to the water level.

(c) When landing a fish, don't take chances climbing on slimy rocks to get at it

(d) Watch out for black algae covered rocks - black algae is very hard to grip with any shoes. Other seaweeds are also very slippery, like the short green carpet variety

(e) Beware of loose rocks that may give way under your feet

(f) Don't fish from rocks in high surf - waves can easily knock you off the rocks into the wash

(g) Don't stand on submerged rocks on an incoming tide. You might not be able to get off it.

Hmmm.... is that the one-finger salute finger?
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