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Yeah that’s real cool. I believe that some Canadians from the U. of Guelph are working on that. They think that the Patagonia fish were originally sourced from Lake Sebago in Maine and in turn those fish were originally from Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes. Last I heard the biologists working on the project were looking for old Lake Ontario mounts for DNA comparison to the South American fish. I was talking to one of the MNR biologists about some of this stuff (he also happened to be at the SR Clave this weekend). Lots of hurdles to overcome (i.e. Early Mortality Syndrome, competitive interaction w/ Pacific Salmon during spawning, political forces, etc) but they definitely have the nursery habitat up on the north shore. Time will tell I guess.

BTW…fantastic presentation and casting Juro. Amazing watching you fire out that Carron after the show…makes the average stiff like me want to get out and practice .
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