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Urban atlantics

I work near an urban stretch of river, first dam from salt.

Yesterday making the excuse I wanted some dinner I snuck out from coding and meetings to take a few casts before the upcoming clave. I had a large piece of olive yarn and a long leader to try to emphasize my anchor and turnover, throwing primarily single speys occasionally to the knot for practice on the steelhead specialist. Without any waders I was suffering from bank/brush interference.

Anyway, as I was swinging the yarn down on a floating line, downriver mend and nearly skating, a huge boil took the yarn down and I felt a heavy and familiar headshake! Instinctively I turned the rod to one side and the fish took a run and some drag (very light due to practice cast setting) and lightly came off with a thrust of it's familiar shaped tail.

Soon after I noticed in the distant seam a head and tail roll as evening fell, and some urban anglers showed up. They asked "did you get one?" I said I was just practicing but what are they getting? They said their friend came home with a large salmon earlier in the day, undoubtedly a survivor from the federal restoration program poached and I am not referring to preparation for the table.

I will call the EP today to see what the regs are, I'd like to see these fish left alone. However it did make my dreams of the Canadian Maritimes come alive, or perhaps a Scotland trip like Andre just made, etc.

As far as restoration, all it would take is what they're doing now plus two-way passage around dams. If they could only get back to the Coolidge Woods stretch in the Pemi again to spawn!

And the upper Connecticut is a bounty of Vermont and NH spring fed tributaries feeding a salmon factory of an American river, now cut off at the arms and legs with dams too numerous to count.

Maine is the American salmon angler's last hope, we should be as active as possible in helping that cause any way we can.

The American atlantic salmon. What a concept, I was reminded of it in stark fashion last evening.
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