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Thank's John

And welcome to the Forum! Glad to have you on board.
The forest fire situation in the Western United States, and worldwide for that matter, is a healthy part of a Forest's life. It has been shown in studies that many benefits for a range of plant and animal species are a direct result from natural forest fires. Better understanding of Forest Management practices (thinning, ground cover management, remote residential property gromming, etc) as well as the personal things I mentioned earlier on, will lessen the impact of this "normal" part of the wilderness on residences and business.
I just finished reading accounts from the early 1800's for a related piece, when there was no way to stop fires in the West. Upon returning into the areas the following spring, people there told of plant and wildlife thriving!
Reporting these incidents from a flyfishing perspective helps with travel plans and gives the reader insight as to what they can expect when they arrive at an area, or allows them to make informed decisions for alternate spots. It also lets folks know how fisheries in this region are evolving.

One more for the list;
Blossom Complex - Now over 7700 acres is 25 miles NE of Gold Beach Oregon on the SE side of Panther Ridge near Insperation Point and Tucker Flat in the Wild Rouge Wilderness. The river is now closed to anyone drifting in the area of the burn.

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