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Ahhh, the rock!

The single greatest gadget of all time. You can cast it either under or overhand with either arm, use it to gather small game animals once you get really good at the rock casting thing, fend off intruders, use it as a pillow (been there, done that), use it to tell time (the shade is on this side of the rock, last time I checked it was on that side of the rock, must be getting late) anchor a pontoon boat or Jimmy Hoffa, use it to predict tides (my rocks under water, tide must be comin in), stand on it, sit on it or fall off of it....

...and last but not least, sell it for $18.95 in a little box with some fake grass as a low maintenance pet (been there, dun that too )

Oh yeah, and you can use it to smash all those expensive electronic gadgets when they quit working, which they will
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