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John gives us a valuable tip.

I've recently started to pay more attention to this aspect of the cast. When there is a strong release of energy on the turnover from high to low the end of the line tends to whip over before the forward pull can capture it and it comes dangerously close to ticking.

I think in addition to the important rod tip position point made by John, there is also the element of energy dissipation to consider. I find this to be more of a problem when I am not using a long forward taper and leader or when I am not using a fly matched to the line design; for instance when practice casting with a spec of yarn instead of whistling a large deceiver.

So an area to investigate is leader design, since taper introduces a reduction in speed as it diminishes by dissipating energy into the air. So I have to figure before even going out on the lawn that an increase in taper will help curb the whipover.

Lastly, when the fishing demands that we deal with the hand we are dealt tilt the casting angle out further to the side and allow the whipover to occur askew to the water instead of at it.
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