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Juro;I don't target Springs in the open ocean,however I do in estuaries.Last year I only got one Spring on the fly in the Sooke river as that system has a small run,more Coho and a good run of Chums.The Spring was about 20lbs. and just a slight tinge of gold.It hammered a Cerise/Purple marabou fly with dumbell wieghted eyes fished on a Monic clear floater as the water was low and clear.I also hooked a 8lb. Coho and 6 Chum on the same fly that day.Three species of Pacific salmon on the fly in one day.pretty neat.I used to go to a certain river in mid-September anually but it has turned into a goon show and haven't been there in 4 years.I think I'm going to try the San Juan river on Labour Day weekend for the Springs in the estuary.I chucked at them for 4 years in row with no results as they're very spooky.
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