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What I find most uncomfortable sitting in the kayak is having my legs
almost completely straight out in front of me: my joints don't take that
very well any longer, at least not for more than 10-20 minutes at a time.
A kayak I've thought about that potentially helps
overcome that particular problem but that has others of its own is one
called the "X-Factor." You'll find it on the kayak "stuff" site. It appears
to be stable enough that you could put in a seat 4-5 inches off the
bottom. But this kayak is on the heavy side and while not among the
slowest, will not set any speed records.

Re your basement: if the only thing that is rotten is that one board,
I suspect that the repair may be much simpler than you might imagine.
Two or three jacks, some 2X8s or 2X10s for temporary beams, and
some new wood might do the trick. But I'm not an engineer, and I'd
talk to one before doing anything myself, if it were me.
Rod Brake

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