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Sorry about not answering you before this, I was in the eastern US for two weeks visiting my 79 year old father.

I was going to suggest the knot tying tool to tie the nail knot, although you can tie it easily without the tool, the tool makes it much easier. But since you got it from the fly shop you found, there is no need for me to describe how to tie it. Also, you found out with the way your cheapo reel started to fall apart why the Walmart specials are not the best buy.

Since you got one of the high end lines, the cheaper ones made for beginners won't be needed. The SA is called the "Concept" line. I'm not sure what Cortland and RIO call theirs; but one of them uses the name "Fairplay" for it.

Sounds like you are well on your way to becoming a good fly fisherman. Glad you are enjoying the ride so far.
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