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Scaddens pontoons are actually not what I meant by 'large', I am not familiar with the Sky' (well the river but not the boat) but I believe it's about the same size as the Bronco. It can be powered but when fishing rivers I found wearing flippers to be a very dangerous proposition because one can not stand up and the abilty to maneuver with the feet along the shore was much more critical than a bit of propulsion mid-stream. Of course I prefer to fish from the bank and use the pontoon for transportation. But even getting in and out with flippers it was very iffy to downright treacherous in a current with flippers.

A motor would be good but the method to raise it from the water must be very quick in a river, and the battery weight minimized. At first thought it seems an even bigger pontoon would work better with a motor.

I know people will differ in opinion but I had an absolute rule on the irver - no anchoring in current. A pontoon boat does not have enough leverage in the current to help you yank a stuck anchor. Not worth trying IMHO.

Good luck!
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