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OC stands for the slippery TV show with all the good looking babes.

Sorry Teflon for the slippery part, I'll will do a google search on that one. Actually I have never watched that TV show but maybe I should have sued them for using my name. OC is for October Caddis that super sized Caddis that starts showing up on North American rivers right about now through October. The OC can get as big as a small humming bird on some rivers and it's colors can be as bright as the Irish Republican orange is. Swing a good October Caddis fly just under the surface on a warm late Summer/Fall evening and watch what happens be it Trout or Steelhead. Better results than watching good looking babes on some dorky TV show.
Please don't ask how to tie my deadly OC. I belong to secret steelhead societies that would take my hooks away if I gave away my secrets.
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