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I'm a big fan of DT lines and that's what I use on my 4 wt, which sees the majority of my casts. It's tough to cast bigger flies sometimes as opposed to using a WF line, but I use a full flex rod so I can offset the lack of a heavy head on the line by loading the rod more. For your rod, I'd say get a WF line if you like to fish streamers, bead heads, or other big/heavy flies. If you like fishing dries or other small flies most of the time, I'd go with the DT.

For a reel, I'd get something cheap. I use a $35 LL Bean Streamlight on my $450 Orvis rod because for most freshwater fishing, the reel is nothing but a glorified line holder. Save your money on the reel and get a better line. I've caught some big fish on my 4 wt and I've never needed a better reel.
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