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Albies? Bonito? No wait...those look like...


Stopped for lunch today on the RI coast on the way back from Connecticut this afternoon and happened to see a bunch of fish busting offshore. Launch the yak, paddle like mad as I figure its going to be good old August Albies or Bones. As I neared closer to the mayhem, I realized that these were either some of the biggest Tunoids or I'd happened upon the real deal. I was within 20 feet of FLYING tuna and couldn't come tight. It was something else to be this close to 25-30lb BFT's feeding like maniacs.

Nope my yak's not officially registered for the NMFS, but I just couldn't stop my right arm from twitching the fly out there...

Well, I'm on the Downeaster Alexa, and I'm cruisin' through Block Island Sound.
I have chartered a course for the Vineyard, but tonight I am Nantucket bound.
-Billy Joel "Downeaster Alexa"
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