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Hi Blueridge!

You can get quality equipment without spending large sums of money. TFO, Cabela's, and Bass Pro Shops sell quality gear that won't break your budget.

More expensive gear won't make you a better angler than driving a high performance car make you a better driver.

I have cast $80 rods that felt better than some $600 rods out there, but that's just me. Use what feels comfortable to you.

I landed my biggest bass on my 4wt. The bass went over 5 lbs and measured over 21". It was a lot of fish for that little rod, and the drag, line, reel, and rod worked nicely. Not bad for a $110 outfit from BPS. A 4wt outfit costing $1000 wouldn't have been any better for the task at hand. Until someone can prove to me that the higher priced gear is superior, I'll keep on catching fish!

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