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Good evening,
A Federal Appeals Court in San Francisco upheld a lower court order to continue water spill's over N.W. area dams. Water will continue to by-pass turbines at Mc Nary, Lower Granite, Little Goose, Lower Monumental and Ice harbor Dams.
Before the spills were ordered, it is estamated that up to half of the Spring/Summer Chinook returning to the Ocean from the Snake River died trying to negotiate the turbines at the 5 dams.
This spill period will allow researchers a "Base Point" to conduct studys as to the effects of water spills on Juvenile fish mortality.

Watch out for Pombo!
Richard Pomdo R-Calif, the Head of the House Committee on Natural Resources wants to change the foundation of the E.S.A. (Endangered Species Act)
Here's a few disturbing facts;
*Legislation is being prepared to curb how much Land or Water is to be defined as "Critical Habitat"
*Decissions on Species listings has dorped to 53% in the Bush Administration, from around 88% during the Clinton Admin.
*Economics are now playing a "Leading" role in decissions on size of species habitat.
*In '03 lands proposed as critical habitat were reduced by 1/3, and 69% of those decissions were attributed to economic issues!
*Territory can be removed from critical habitat areas if Officals believe a species do not need it.
*And guess who makes these decissions.......Richard Pombo.

More later....
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