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Hi Blue -

Welcome to the Forum.

Assuming you are talking about the Blue Ridge Mtn brookies, I'd say a 3 or 4wt shorter than 9ft would be the right medicine. See if you can find a used Sage LL 3wt, I found that rod wonderful for small stream trout fishing. But biting the bullet for a top-shelf rod nowadays is a great investment.

T&T is another favorite singlehand rod of mine, just su-weet to cast and beautiful worksmanship. There are many premium makes and models, most of us just feel them out until we settle. Hopefully something just clicks, for me it's definitely feel.

For reels, again so many choices - if you are thinking about tradition, maybe an old Hardy would fit the bill. Today's high tech (e.g. Danielsson Evotec, Bauer) offer some amazing feats of engineering for the humble sport of flyfishing. Ross reels offer a nice price/performance level, as do Teton/Tioga without any compromise in performance.

I can't read your mind but I'd guess a used Sage 3wt LL 8'3" and an old Hardy click pawl in good shape, a double taper line, and a nice hat might fill the bill...
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