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Best of both worlds

After using a U-boat for many years I am now considering to buy a pontoon next to it.
Ideally it would be an inflatable pontoon with a small electric outboard as I would like to use it on big slow flowing rivers and inshore fly fishing.
I have no experience with pontoons so started looking for info on the Internet. Found great looking ones, with standing decks, lean bars, rear decks and engine mounts.
But I am a bit worried about the fact that with all the ones I saw you are sitting quite high up. Itís great to move but I want to be able to use my feet with a couple of fins in order to have my hands free as soon as I get to the intended spot. Anchoring is not often an option and I have my doubts about a drift-sock (wind and current in the same direction?)

So what I am looking for is the best of both worlds between a U-boat and a pontoon, or perhaps the simple solution is to install a height adjustable seat on a high-riding one? As said I have no experience with pontoons.

Any suggestions towards a best solution or leads to specific brands of boats that covered this already are very welcome.

Thanks Adrian
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