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Help, getting back into it.

Hi Guys,

I am just getting back into flyfishing after about a 13 yr absence.

Here is my issue. My X always bought the best of everything. T&T split bamboo, Powell, Bogdan reels... Heck the Orvis Presentation Rod I bought him as a wedding present wasn't good enough...he sold it for another rod. Am I bitter? LOL.
At least he left me with a custom spinning rod. Okay, so it has my marriage name on it, LOL...

Anyway. I can't afford to spend a lot of money on a rod and reel. Yet, I want the best. I know Sage, and Winston are good rigs, but what about an LLBean kit?

What about used? I would love a T&T rod, I enjoy fishing with them, but then what kind of reel?

I now live in NJ yup, feel sorry for me. But I am from Virginia and will fish back in those wonderful BLue Ridge streams.

My other question is what weight? I am used to fishing with ultralight weight tackle.

So guys, I appreciate your help...

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