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Update / Bird deaths / Oregon coast

Good evening,
Another study was conducted yesterday along the Oregon Coast. In one area 67 Common Murres were found dead on a short stretch of beach. Researchers are now saying that this years die-off is nearing a 30 year high point. First test results show that most of the birds are dieing from starvation! Studys of samples of Ocean water off the coast show dramatic low levels of vital Zooplankton, Microscopic animals that are a key part of the birds diet. This is due at least in part to the Winds that bring the "upwelling" of deep water to the surface, carrying with it the vital food source. This has aparently affected the birds reproduction schedule. No food has caused many birds to skip the spring mating altogether. Very few nesting sites are showing nestlings, where there should be thousands. The Zooplankton is only now showing up in a few spots since the winds have picked up over the last week or so, but sadly to little, to late.

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