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Originally Posted by flyjkol
As for my beliefs on catch and release, I feel certain species of fish are okay to be taken at certain times. Such as a local lake that sstocks trout in in the fall. Omaha lakes are no place for anything resembling a cold water fish and game and parks surveys suggest that less than 1 in 100 of theses perfectly healthy 13-15 inch rainbows will survive the summer. The whole point of these fish is so they can be caught and eaten.

If 1 in 100 will survive the summer they should not be stocking them. It does have affects on the body of water but it also cruel for the fish.

As for bardless hooks, not many places sell flies that are barbless. All brands sell barbless hook like Mustads 94945. You can bend the bards down by crushing them with a pair of pliers. It will leave a little bump but that is alot better then a point.
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