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Originally Posted by AlaskanAtHeart
I remember in one particular area, it is closed to fishing for Northern Pike year-round, including C&R. Now.....for me, to avoid any issues with that, I've just not fished there at all, LOL, do you avoid catching a particular fish? What does that mean? Do you just not target the NP? What happens if you catch one anyway?

This means not using 5" flies with wire leaders and claiming to be fishing for trout

but seriously, there is nothing that the law can do about this than use an honor system. They are simply trusting the anger not to intentionally fish for them, however, if you would to hook into a northern while fishing for, let's say grayling, besides having one quite a fight on your hands, you are in no trouble once so ever. Just quickly land the fish and release him as quickly as reasonably possible.

As for my beliefs on catch and release, I feel certain species of fish are okay to be taken at certain times. Such as a local lake that sstocks trout in in the fall. Omaha lakes are no place for anything resembling a cold water fish and game and parks surveys suggest that less than 1 in 100 of theses perfectly healthy 13-15 inch rainbows will survive the summer. The whole point of these fish is so they can be caught and eaten. Also, species like catfish and various panfish I like to eat, because in most of the waters around me these fish are easily stunted and are still very good fish to eat.
On the other hand you develope a sort of respect for certain fish, in my case bass of any sort and northern pike. These fish are way to valuable to a fishery as it is and the removal of limits of these fish consistantly can damage a body of water, plus there are plenty of better tasting fish out there.

I guess the whole basic idea is that take what you will eat, (don't limit for the sake of a limit) and return the fish to the water that can really affect the predator prey balance. Or leave leave some of the larger fish for future generations. However I do realize the C&R of salmon can be very debatable.
Hope that helps....
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