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OK, now to show my ignorance of all the terms, LOL

A fishery? Is this just the body of water with the fish in it?

(Eric, that elusive Chinook....I REALLY want him on my plate, but he ain't biting for me, LOL )

I did some searching on the web last night about C&R, and read about the lactic acid, I'd already read about the slime coat, and as an avid aquarium person, i actually knew about that. I think I need some clarification about barbless hooks, because I think maybe I'm using the wrong kind. The barb, are we talking about the one on the long side of the hook, the one just under the point of the hook, or both? Would a barbless hook just look like a J with no extra things on it? If so, can someone tell me where to find them, a good brand, and where I can buy flies made with them? Seems like the only flies I'm finding up here all appear to be Crystal River.

For the person who said they only keep one salmon a year....maybe I'm not "into" fishing enough yet, but for me, once I catch what I want for eating, I'm done fishing. Maybe it's because of my upbringing, but I go fishing for food, and once I catch what I want (assuming I'm lucky enough to catch fish that day), then I quit fishing. (And again, I'm not judging anyone who does otherwise, that's just what I do)

As a child when I watched the bass shows with my daddy, I never understood why they'd catch those pretty fish and put them back, LOL, but now that I'm older I understand that there are people who fish as a hobby, so it makes sense.

So, give me some opinions, and then I have some more questions.

My family of 6 would willing eat fish probably 6 days out of 7, tuna is a staple in our house. I'm actually the only one who really doesn't care for fish, except tuna or salmon, the rest of them will eat any kind.

(This isn't going to happen, so no one get into an uproar, I just wnat thoughts about the ethical thing to do, because I'm just now learning about all this)

King Salmon are running here right now, the run is winding down, so there is no way this will happen this year, but maybe next it could. By law, each angler can catch one KS 20" or larger and 10 under 20" per day. Currently 5 out of 6 are able to fish for the KS, so at what point do I say we've taken enough from the water? Before I stumbled into fly fishing and this forum, I'd hoped that I, at least, could catch my per diem a couple of times to go in the freezer to eat until next year. (So far I haven't caught any, darn it)

So, how do you determine what is fair/ethical to take? Are the KS runs an exception, because they come into the rivers to spawn and then die? Honestly, with what I've spent on fishing gear to try to catch the darn things, I should have just bought them at the store, but that's another topic, LOL.

OK, back to the C&R for sport thing.......I don't have the regs here right now (they're in my vehicle, so I can refer to them when I'm fishing, because you practically need an attorney to interpret them up here), but I remember in one particular area, it is closed to fishing for Northern Pike year-round, including C&R. Now.....for me, to avoid any issues with that, I've just not fished there at all, LOL, do you avoid catching a particular fish? What does that mean? Do you just not target the NP? What happens if you catch one anyway?

Thank you to everyone who has answered, I appreciate the different perspectives, and I'm enjoying learning more about the issues facing the sport.
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