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Catch and Release

Good topic! Let's do this;
Say there's 1000 Flyfisher Men and Women in each state. Thats 49,000 total in the contiguious United States, 'cause I dont think that there are that many in Hawaii, but there's a few. Anyhow, if each of those went fishing each weekend during regular season, and kept just 1 fish each time, that would be 12 fish aprox for a 4 month season, we are talking 600,000 fish bonked.....just by Fly folks. That is only flyfishing! which although it being the fastest growing segment of the fishing thing overall, still makes up a small portion. You see where Im going with this? The question is not weither "Alaskan should be able to keep and eat fish", the question is what does it take to make a resource sustainable. One of the most important parts of that is realizing that this resource IS sustainable, and a BIG way we as Sportsman can activly promote this resource is to practice C+R. Properly released fish have a very high survival rate, I want to say 95%? (Correct me if I'm wrong guys)
I have 2 young boys, both flyfish and have been raised to understand the importance of C+R. Thats not to say that they have never enjoyed a Trout for breakfast! I on the other hand practice 100% C+R in all my angling. I want the resource to be there when there kids get old enough to enjoy the outdoors.
C+R is one part of a Sportsman's overall relationship with the natural resource that He or She utilizes over the course of their lifetime, that coupled with the boundarys set by your local Fish and Wildlife can keep this resource producing for generations to come!
Catch and Release for fish is not a "Bad" thing, it is in fact a very "Good" thing for you and me and all Anglers!

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