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Originally Posted by MJC
Didn't you say in your first post you had some little commandos. If you got any around 10 or 12 yrs old they will work as fly tyers. It doesn't cost that much to get a servicable fly tying outfit. Start em off with some Renegades and Gray Hackle Peacocks for the Graying. Then get them tying some Wooly Worms in black, brown, and olive.

I sent you a PM this morning.
Hmmmm, wonder if the Boy Scouts do anything with fly tying? You're right, it's probably something right up my 13 yr old's alley! They have fly tying classes around here to give people something to do during the long, cold winter, I'll look for him a class or two then.

I just read your PM, thank you, I'm checking it out.
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