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Dartmouth. Grande, and Pabos North

The Dartmouth River was counted last week and the run is spectacular. Catch and release on the river in the early part of the season is paying dividends. There has been no count yet on either the Grande River or Pabos North River but there are a substantial number of salmon in those rivers as well. Being spring fed and not having any cutting done on them, the Grande and Pabos have been inthe high 50's temperature wise and the fishing has been great. This is the 2nd year of catch and release on the Grande River and there is not a great deal of pressure on the river.

It will be interesting to see the final salmon counts on the Gaspe rivers as the York and Dartmouth were counted before the full moon this month and the fresh fish continue to come into the rivers. My guess is that the final runs will be better than any point in the past 2-3 decades.

Bill Greiner

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