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<<Welcome to Fly Flishing. Don't worry, a $20 outfit will catch just as many fish as a $800 one will. It's just more plesant to use the $800 one.>>

WHEW! I'll worry about better gear down the road if I really fall in love with it, LOL.

<<You need to learn to let the fish take some line. Play him on the reel and when he runs let him pull line off the reel. Then reel him in. The leader is snapping because you are muscling him. There are folks who catch big fish on fine, lightweight leaders.>>

I really think this one is bad, possibly old. When I lost the fish on it, I was actually bringing him up from the water, and he wasn't flopping at all (and it wasn't knot failure, had that, too, but after I'd released the fish) The leader was snapping in my hand as I was tying knots. It could be that I'm pulling too hard, but I've not had a problem with that with my spin lines. I'll try a new leader of a decent brand and if it happens again, I'll know it's me, LOL. Speaking of catch big fish on lightweight leaders....heard from the guy we were watching on Saturday that a young woman caught an over 50lb king on a cheap-o fly setup, she was fishing for trout. Her boyfriend went into the water and literally did a bear hug to land him, as they didn't have a net!

<<There are a good number of folks who think the Walmart SA line is just fine. Cortland lines are fine. I think Walmart even sells an Orvis line. If the line you are using is working for you then use it and don't worry.

I'm a big fan of RIO lines, but you'll have to go to a Fly shop to get one, and a RIO line will set you back close to $65-$70.>>

AACK! I'm not ready for that yet Since I don't need backing, I'll just stick with what the set came with for now.

<<Backing is a thinner braded line the you put on the reel before putting on the line. You only need it if you hook a REALLY big fish and it runs and pulls all the fly line off your reel.>>

Thanks, that's kinda what I thought it was for, but figured I'd better check. I don't think I need that yet, then.

<<The is debatable. It's just a round pink ball like a fish egg. They work a little too well. There are a lot of Fly Fisherman who don't consider them fair and won't fish with them>>

Thanks, I had no clue what they were.

<<Not really. They are tied on cheap hooks that will break easily or straighten out and they use cheap materials. The Walmart flies will fall apart pretty quickly. In some cases while you are casting them and before a fish gets a chance to try and eat it. Any fly will fall apart after enough fish have eaten chomped on them. The $2 fly will last longer. Every sport has an item that is a consumable. For golf, it is golf balls, for fly fishing, it's flys. At some point you will start tying your own. (And have a heart attack when you see how expensive some of the materials are.)

Get a copy of "The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide" by Tom Rosenbauer. It's a guide for novices, and covers just about any question you might have. There are a ton of them used over at, where you can get if for about $6.50 plus shipping. Once you have finished this book, try some of the other Orvis guides. There are a ton of them, and they all seem pretty good. (My wife got me the "Fly Tying Guide" for farther's day. Even though I've been tying for a long time, I learned a few new techniques, and really enjoyed the book.)>>

Is there a particular brand of hook I should be looking for flies on? As for tying my own, I don't see that happening, ever. I HATE messing with tiny objects, watching part of a fly tying class one time and all I could think was "cripes, what a pain in the rear!"

I'll get that book, thanks for the recommendation, and thanks so much for all your answers, they are much appreciated

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