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RE:Clear Intermediates?

Two things I can offer:

a) The Cortland 444 Clear Intermediate is a good line, I've fished it thru last season (including Boneclave and Monomoy) and it's fishing well this season as well. I only recently replaced the original nail knot for the butt section because I stepped on the butt and it would have been too short if cut. I like the way it casts, it loads the rod well and shoots well. Tangling is not a big deal. I give the line an excellent rating thus far.

b) Rio has come out with a new clear intermediate line that you are free to sample in return for a report / critique. It is a clear 9wt intermediate and takes a nail knot.

Rich Dhooge currently has it checked out, but he can send it directly to you right away if you are interested in trying it out.

<b>Let me know!</b>
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