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Well, here it's a little crazy fishing.......practically everyday this week, some anglers were fishing sectors with 50 to 100+ fish, and guess who took the fly everyday...

With roughly 17% grlises presently in our rivers, those little excited, jumping young kiddos come from no where and grabbed the fly.

Must say, though, gees they are full of PeP and can make your heart beat!!

Conditions are still low, but not so hot. rain would be a plus... ( they say yes on TV and no Online.... and it rained for awhile today (???)

Salar-1, just a little correction.
The actual counts are:
York - 879 salmon + 177 grilses
Dartmouth 670 salmon + 147 grilses
St-Jean count in 2 -3 weeks.

(Mississippi yesterday)

Keep'em in the water!!

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