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Mid-season Quebec fish count

Hi folks
On 20th July the FQSA announced the results of the mid season fish count
Matane -already has 853 Salmon(Matane is a late run river)
Mitis-292+ 127 Grilse (excellent for this river)
Rimouski- 52
Matapedia+ Patapedia- fish catch way up from recent years(up by 1/3)
Grand Pabos Nord- 100
Pabos Ouest- 60 (10 last year)
Petite Pabos (laterun)- 30( this is really good news!)
Madeleine (relativey a late run river) 522
Dartmouth -650
Bonaventure- I'll personally attest to a decent run on this river
Petite Cascapedia- is this year's HOT river !
North Shore rivers have improved somewhat
Riviere aux Rochers-365 (of which 273 are 2+ MSW's)
Escoumins (run is reported late this year. First fish arrived on the 7th of July )-83
Saguenay region rvers are reporting increase in runs from recent years.
IMHO ,please don't let the low #'s of fish on some of the rivers alarm you or disuade you from giving them a try.For instance on the Pabos Nord ,the fish collect in only 3 pools and one a can arrive at the ZEC office drive up to one of the 3 pools drink a coffee,or ?, observe where the fish hold and cast your DRY fly ANY dry fly as long as it's a Brown Bomber
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