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Warm Water Mid Coast

Last week in the Oregonian, Bill Monroe mentioned that the predicted week of northwesteries would help turn the water over and cool things down. I know we have several days of strong winds, but whether they did any good or not, who knows.

In Alsea Bay, there is still no bait to speak of. The Chinook are due to arrive any day now, but I don't expect them to show on time if there's a thermal barrier out front.

What the (way too) numerous harbor seals, cormorants and Caspian terns are doing for food with this lack of bait is beyond me. Unless things turn around quick, we can expect more dead ones of all species.

No sea run cutthroat, yet either; but, as you might expect with the warm ocean, dudes are catching albacore within three miles of the coast near Depoe Bay.

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