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RE:check this one out

You guys can beat up on the "Neanderthal Chunkers" all day but you know what? There are PLENTY of artificial slingers out there with their barbed double or triple treble hook lures that KILL almost every fish they hook in the process of releasing it. I watch them all the time in Plymouth harbor. I fly fish most of the time and I am sure it offers the lowest number of C&R mortalities but we still get them, some more than others.I know bait fishermen who fish big hooks & a tight drag and they rarely gut hook a fish. It goes both ways.

This is an educational issue for ALL fishermen. If the state printed up millions of pamphlets on how to reduce the mortality rate, we still need to get people to respond by reading and practicing it. This is not going to happen in a time when even human life is held in disregard by so many.

Too many of these "idiot" anglers continue their practices because they know that nothing will happen to them. As much as I hate to admit it, I think "law enforcement" is the way to go. They (the state) can even bring on the salt water license to pay for it as far as I am concerned. It's time to get tough on these bozos. I will speak to a violator once in a while but it can be dangerous these days.
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