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TFO are good casting rods at a fairly low price. They (like the Echo, low-end St. Croix, Redington, etc.) have enough performance to keep beginning and intermediate fly casters and fly fisherman very happy. Heck, I suspect average fly fishers who only fish 20-40 days/year (i.e. 10 weekends to 20 weekends in a year, or 2 days/week for 10 weeks to 20 weeks/year) could be pretty satisfied with the performance of them the rest of their days.

However, for those who fish over 50 days/year with many years experience; those who are skilled casters able to get the most out of their equipment; and/or those who have been fly fishing more than 10 years, the high-priced, high-end rods are a better choice because the performance of the low-end rods will be exceeded by their abilities. But then again despite my 47 years experience fly fishing, who am I to say TFO (or some other low-end rod) is not the equal of high-end rods in terms of performance?
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